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Laurence Adamson
Artist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
LJA Studios / LJA Canvas

Studio ::
Canvas Art ::

YouTube Channel ::

eMail ::

LJA Studios specializes in Graphic Design, Web Design & Development, Corporate Identity, Advertising and Branding.

We also have an online Canvas Art Shop called LJA Canvas with a wide range of quality modern canvas art for your home or office.

Hope you find something you like!

LJA Studios

Current Residence: Manchester, UK.
Operating System: Mac


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senseone760 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2015
STICK TO ART INVOLVING THE KRAY TWINS AND FRANKIE FRASIER. You reported me to Deviant Art for posting a cool picture, thats great. I was simply trying to show people pictures of posters I purchased that I also found on the internet so they too could see them because I thought they were cool looking. I took no credit for them, I am no artist. I am just an untalented San Diego Narcotics Officer of 21 years and happened to like the posters I purchased, then found online. 
Thanks for the link to your website etc, I'm going to have a good time at work tonight.
You realize you have committed thievery in a realistic sense though do you not? 
Robert Deniro
Al Pacino, twice
Ray Liotta
Marlon Brando
Paul Cicero
James Kaan
James Gandolfini

You also might wanna grab a fag right quick before the coppers come take you away with their whistles and ridiculous hats, thank GOD I'm not in Law Enforcement in that dental tragedy you call a home. But I DO know international law.

You also need to pay, and feel free like I said, to do so in BITCOIN form:
-Author Mario Puzo who's books were portrayed in The Godfather Trilogy and Goodfellas

Additionally, your tight jean wearing trashy leather jacket look of the stones circa 1972 ass needs to cut a check....I mean BITCOINS to David Chase for ripping off his character of Tony Soprano. Who is David Chase you ask in the most annoying accent on Earth, yes even worse than white trash from the American South? David Chase is a North New Jersey resident, creator, writer and executive producer of THE SOPRANOS. You know, The HBO hit that was based on the DeCavalcante Crime Family from North Jersey, Elizabeth to be exact where Mr. Chase was raised and to this day resides. Oh, you were unaware of that? Do you know what infringement is? Well when you're done at Western Dental getting the UK tint and popcorn looking teeth in your mouth corrected so you don't look like wet gutter trash which is what you people truly look like we can go over that. Additionally, Vincent "Vinny Ocean" Palermo, the individual whom Tony Soprano is based on (not loosely based on, but episode by episode based on) has fallen on tough times since he flipped in 1997 and was relocated to Dallas where recently he has been in the media for having a strip club, it's a place where women dance, something someone like you would have no interest in. "Bath House" is what you are looking for. Anyhow, Vinny Ocean and Anthony Capo (the character of Christopher Moltisante from the Sopranos was based on him), yeah the Anthony Capo who stabbed gambino associate quack quack II with a fork at Humberto's Clam house where Joey Gallo (Another REAL gangster from AMERICA who took on the entire Profaci crime family and has been portrayed in the very Godfather Trilogy you owe Mr. Scorsese a whole FANNYPACK of BITCOINS to by now, I don't know what you people keep your bitcoins in over there.

I thank you for your kind words and for giving me a website and a snot nosed little loser from "across the pond's" life to destroy. 

And to think, looking at how disgraceful the United States has become over the last couple of decades, people straight up RAN LIKE HELL to get AWAY from the UK to pack their asses on wooden boats and sail virtually anywhere they could in any direction not knowing where they were going they just knew they WOULD RATHER DIE AT SEA THAN REMAIN IN THE UK, what does that say about YOU?

One thing's for sure, I'm glad you came at me in the manor you did when all you should have said is:
"Hey, I created that art, it's a talent I have that I make a living at and although I don't know why you posted it, it kind of gives off the appearance that you posted it because you created it. But since you didn't, and I did, could you take it down because my art and my talent is important to me and posting it in the manor in which you have dilutes my talent and my ability to make a living with that talent. Thank you."
I would have immediately taken it down, which I did regardless because I was not trying to infer that I had that talent. I was trying to show other people something I thought was cool. But because you came at me as you did, instead of directing the 650 law officers that I will be working with this evening to your website because literally ALL Narcotics Officers LOVE those movies and TV shows but can't have wives and children with a bloody faced Al Pacino poster framed even in their garages, yet your ability makes the images appear tasteful and dare I say....Artistic.

You fucked yourself. And you have no idea to what degree.

Cherry o old chap.

Some Ignorant White Trash American
Who Also Happens to Carry a Badge
We also carry firearms but I don't want to confuse you, I know you people aren't allowed to carry weaponry of any kind or the KING will what? Excommunicate you? Knock your teeth out? No, that would be a massive favor.

Good move buddy, Just a normal guy who saw something I think, Im sorry THOUGHT was cool and wanted others to see it as well. Who knows, maybe my posting of it could have gotten you money to put a down payment on that Jaguar we both know you'll never even come within half a block of.

You sicken me.
senseone760 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2015
Oh jesus you're some pussy from the UK. You have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. 

Hey, you stole the characters from AMERICAN FILM DIRECTOR MARTIN SCORSESE to create your art. Do you have Martin's express written consent to create art with images based on characters in his AMERICAN FILMS? Better yet, what about author Mario Puzo of whom all these characters are from films based on books HE wrote. Did you pay Mario Puzo? Did you pay Martin Scorsese? Then you are a THIEF.

Did you pay AMERICAN creator David Chase? Do you even know who he is? He's the guy who you STOLE James Gandolfini's character Tony Soprano from to put in your art. How about Al Pacino? He get a check, oh I'm sorry I mean did he get BITCOIN payment from you for creating art with him in it? DeNiro? Brando? Liotta? How about Paul Sorvino did you pay him for using his face in your "art" in which he played Paul Cicero in Goodfellas who's character was based on Lucchese Crime Family Captain Paul Vario? Do you even know what the hell I'm talking about? 


Jesus, you live in a country where you can't even carry a gun. Dont EVER act like a tough guy again. You're a flamer and should be imprisoned or at the very least in a civil suit for having STOLEN ALL THESE CHARACTERS FROM BOTH THE ACTORS THAT PORTRAYED THEM AND THE FILMMAKERS WHOM CASTED THEM. You are the worst kind of trash on earth. Go have a fag.
Not talking about the other guys in your loft either.

God what a waste of 10 minutes.
senseone760 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2015
Nevermind, Justin Reed is an actual artist. You're just a nerd.
But yeah, somebody else stole your work and sold it to me as a poster at all I just went on this website for the first time since posting those pictures, which I thought were and are pretty damn cool, which is why I posted them. Never once did I claim that I had created them. I couldn't create that kind of stuff I just bought a poster of that very same thing, but not from your tasteful albeit a bit fruity for me, website. When I saw that you were interpreting it as if I stole your work and said take it down I did so immediately. Not because I'm scared of some nerd like you, I am a San Diego Narcotics Detective, I simply thought the poster I bought along with several others and have framed throughout my home are cool looking and wanted other people to see them and then maybe they too would be interested in purchasing them like I did. Like I said, I bought the poster along with half a dozen others and they say "The Art Of Justin Reed" and I stated so in the post. And, what's wrong with me publicly posting your artwork? In no way, shape or form would I ever take credit for creating something as cool as that because in no way, shape or form could I ever create such a piece. I think it's incredible and very well done and would assume the more people see it on their computers the more likely they are to want to find out more information about it and maybe, just maybe, purchase a poster sized one for their homes. Then you could by seat covers for your Yaris or something. As an artist whatever you do, DONT LET PEOPLE SEE YOUR WORK. THAT MIGHT CAUSE YOU TO MAKE WHAT IS REFERRED TO AS 'PROFIT'. Profit is money. You know, the stuff your mommy and daddy send to you at your straight out of central casting loft apartment where you probably moved from some bumpkin town in some shitbox state so you could "feel the pulse of the urban environment in which your true heart dwells" or some other generic as a percocet bull crap. 
I sincerely apologize for thinking your art is good looking.
And I am glad that "The Art Of Justin Reed" received MY money and not some fruit salad like yourself. Go listen to some emo, say the streets are your canvas and live the mediocre life of unfulfilled potential as a negative pessimistic lonely prick thinking you're smarter than everybody despite having only a GED because everybody at your high school called you a weirdo.

If you'll excuse me my shift starts in an hour and a half and I have to go to work collecting bodies of morons like you who overdosed last night. It truly is a very positive line of work. I'm glad I work to purchase things, then when simply trying to show other people get yelled at through a computer by a person Go get free wifi at a hole in the wall coffee shop because you won't conform to Starbucks because you're too good to do so. 

You're no Van Gogh, but you've got the being an asshole part down pretty well.
Akkanash Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
How'd you get the rights to all these great photos?
robbolt Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2010   Interface Designer
Alright Loz mate,

So you finally got on here eh.
Nice works.

R :)
LJAstudios Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2010   Digital Artist
Cheers Rob! YES finally here!

Youve still gotta send ya stuff off to adidas mate! Thats is top notch that piece... :)
robbolt Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2010   Interface Designer
Yeh mate, gonna get a few pieces done for a collection then send em over.
LJAstudios Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2010   Digital Artist
Too right mate! You should :)

Im also gonna have a word with me dads mate, Frank. Apparently he knows the the top bosses of Adidas over here and has done loads of work with em. Ill try to see if he can get your design in there 4ya mate... Fingers crossed, u never know! :D
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siriously Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Amazing gallery!
STIFFsoft Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2010
Welcome to deviantart :)
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